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Is Worry Contagious?

Do you have young children who seem determined to boldly investigate everything and anything that catches their attention? Good for you! While that no doubt keeps you on your toes as a parent, it's a golden opportunity to reinforce healthy curiosity while also teaching appropriate regard for safety.

Appropriate is the key qualifier there.

Kids are natural explorers, and often as toddlers show a fearlessness that both amazes and dismays parents. Especially in today's world when safety concerns are justifiably heightened,

it's important to balance your own worries for your child's safety so that your anxiety doesn't overly impact their urge to reach out to the world.

Worry can indeed be contagious. As a child, when someone bigger, stronger and more resourceful than you is frequently in a panic, you feel that chaotic energy in your own small body. Children learn a lot by watching the reactions of the adults around them -- when you are contantly anxious and voicing fear, your kids will learn to be anxious and fearful too.

Growing calm, confidence, empathetic, resilient chidren is hard work.

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