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About Phyllis

Licensed Professional Counselor in Phoenix Phyllis Crawford

When I was a young adult I became interested in what makes people unhappy, scared, and defensive.  I watched others do self-destructive things, and behave badly towards others because they were hurting deep inside.   


I saw friends and family members procrastinate on achieving their goals, and some abandoned their dreams altogether -- but neither of those approaches made them happier or less fearful.  It seemed to me this wasn't a very positive or pro-active way to go through life.


There had to be a better way!



Perhaps I was influenced to watch out for how people sabotage their 

best chances in life and others overcome adversity and thrive. 


As a young professional, I worked as a VISTA Volunteer in South 

Florida and this experience helped me to see the difference a positive 

approach to life made to those around me. I met many who had lost 

everything that is considered important. However, they did not give up and they continued to learn, grow and change.


This inspired me to become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, as a way to assist others to make positive changes within their lives. 


I began a 20 plus year career working with a broad spectrum of clients, my goal is to help others uncover their true potential and to follow their bliss. If we follow our bliss we put ourselves on a path that has been there waiting for us and we find that the life we are living is the life we ought to be living.


While the details of my life may be different from yours, I know I can 

understand what you’re going through, because I’ve experienced similar difficulties.


In learning to really accentuate the positives in my life, one of the first 

things I discovered was that it helped a lot to surround myself with 

others who kept a positive mind-set, and who could be an objective 



But most of all I had to become open to new ways of thinking, and 

willing to try new approaches, and give them a chance to work.


Getting to this point has definitely been a winding road, with some pretty big potholes along the way.  I hope it helps you to know that I can most definitely relate to your struggles.


If you're ready to help your child, teen, or yourself

change life's negatives into positives,

I'd love to work with you.

Nothing improves by waiting.

Call or email now.



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