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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently taking new clients?


Yes, appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 

Saturday (days) between 9 am and 5 pm. Your appointment will start right on the start of the hour.  I am also available for evening appointments on Tuesday and Thursday. Appointments can be made by phone or email.

Call 602-689-5012

Can you bill my insurance?


Co-pays and co-insurance will be collected from you at each session, and I will then bill your insurance. I can currently accept the following insurances:


  •  Aetna

  •  Empathia

  •  BlueCross and BlueShield

  •  United Behavioral Health

  •  Carebridge EAP

  •  Ceridian

  •  Cigna

  •  Holman Group

  •  Horizon Healthcare

  •  Humana

  •  Jorgenson Brooks EAP

  •  Magellan Behavioral Health

  •  New Directions

  •  New Directions EAP

  •  Health Advocates EAP

  •  TRICARE/ TriWest

  •  Courage and Beyond EAP



What is the cost of a typical session?


The average cost per session is $70.00.  I accept  American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa for your co-pays or out of pocket payments.  Sorry, I am unable to offer a sliding scale at this time.

What if my check bounces or

my credit card is denied?


Appointments will not be held when you owe for past sessions.  If you check bounces or your credit card is denied, I will notify you immediately, and you are expected to pay for that session before the next scheduled appointment. 


In the situation of a bounced check, I can take replacement payment in the form of cash,  credit card, or PayPal payment.  You will also be charged a $35 bounced check fee.


When a credit card is denied it is often because of an incorrect number or an expiration date.  You will be contacted and expected to provide corrected information or a new card.


If a transaction with a debit card is denied, payment is possible by cash, credit card, or PayPal.



What if I have to reschedule or forget an appointment?


I require clients to give at least 24 hours notice when they have to reschedule, except in situations of contagious illness and medical emergency.  A car accident on the way to an appointment would qualify as a medical emergency. Bronchitis, flu, or diarrhea qualify as illness, but a normal headache does not, nor does a migraine, or broken leg,  etc., if you have gone to work on the day of the appointment.


Appointments can be rescheduled by phone or email.  I do not accept text messages.


If you forget an appointment, you are still financially obligated for it.  I require all new clients to either leave a signed, undated check on file for the amount of a session for such eventualities, or to authorize a charge on their credit card for missed and late cancelled appointments.


If we can reschedule you for the same week, the late cancellation or missed appointment fee may be waived.

Are sessions confidential?


Yes, except when required to report an intention to harm self or others, or if I am told about the commission of a felony.


If you use an insurance plan to pay for your sessions, I may be required to provide the carrier with notes about our sessions as a condition of their payment or reimbursement.


Children and teens have a right to confidentiality. They may tell you anything they wish about their sessions with me, but I am not at liberty to tell you the details of our conversations.  I do encourage kids and teens to initiate conversation with parents, as part of their emotional resilience development.



Can I call or email you between sessions

if I have questions?


Between sessions I’m usually difficult to reach, but if your question is urgent you are welcomed to leave a voicemail or text message asking me to contact you. I may be able to answer a quick question pertaining to an assignment we’ve outlined for you, but more general questions, or questions about issues that you haven’t yet introduced in sessions should wait for your next appointment time.


If you have an emergency and need immediate support, leave a message to that effect, and I’ll do my best to arrange a phone, or in person session as soon as possible.



Is it okay to friend you on social media?


I'm sorry, no. I am ethics-bound to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. If you reach out to me on social media, I am not able to respond because to do so could be assumed that you are my client. The best way to protect yourself from others making the assumption that you may be in therapy is to not friend my social media pages, not comment on my posts should you happen to see them, and to not approach me in public if we happen to be in the same place at the same time.  If we happen to see each other and I don't say hello it's because I'm obligated to keep a social distance.



Are There Issues or People You Don’t Work With?


Yes.  Due to the limits of my license, training and education, and professional interests, I refrain from working with court mandated individuals / sex offenders / persons with substance abuse issues.   


Problems or issues that I choose not to work with in my practice would include:


  • Eating disorders

  • Domestic violence

  • Schizophrenia

  • Psychotic episodes

  • Self injury

  • Pre-surgical gender reassignment evaluation

  • Pre-bariatric surgical evaluation

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