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Counseling for kids, teens, and adults struggling with

depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and social challenges



Consulting for parents  who want to give their kids the best

foundation for resilience and success

​What Kids & Teens Need


  • to express emotions freely

  • to feel heard and considered

  • to ask tough questions

  • to be included in decisions

How I Help


For younger children, using play therapy methods yields a window into the emotions they can't yet identify. For older kids and teens, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral approachs help youngsters understand the boundaries and responsibilities of family roles.

​What Parents Need


  • to be respected & obeyed

  • to discipline fairly & effectively

  • to convey trust and love

  • to have news skills & solutions

How I Help


I offer a wide variety of parenting and family harmony strategies to help improve the parent / child relationship. My goal is to assist parents in developing the resilience and positive attributes their children need to be happy and successful.

​What Adults Need


  • to end anxiety and panic

  • to lift grief and depression

  • to overcome traumas

  • to reduce everyday stress

How I Help


Whether you have recently faced a setback, endured a trauma, or currently experiencing emotional overwhelm, my combination of solution-focused and cognitive behavioral approaches will help you renew your positive attributes and regain control of your life again.

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